• Functions Wedding Canopy

  • The Uniqueness of Ethiopian Wedding Dress

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An Expensive Bling Wedding Dresses Is Not Good Choice

Bling wedding dressesare pretty and charming. It is become to be a desire for brides to have and wear it on they’re wedding. Almost every woman wants a special wedding dress, because the dress will be used only once in a lifetime. This dress has a lot of ornaments of precious stones or sequins that […]

Purple Wedding Cakes for Your Wedding Event

Purple wedding cake is the most wanted thing for a couple who like a purple color very extremely. We all know, picking a need for wedding is a difficult thing and also in choosing the wedding cake. This kind of wedding cakecan beautify your wedding event. For you who are looking for wedding cake, there […]

Disney Princess Wedding Dresses Make You Feel Like In Fairy Tale.

Disney princess wedding dresses is the kind of a dress that well-known among of the girls all over the world. A lot of a girl want to wear that beautiful dress even when they were grow up. For you who are also like the disney princess’s characters, is a good idea to make it happen […]

Rustic Wedding Cake Is The Simple And Elegant Wedding Cake.

Rustric wedding cakeis wedding cake which is very popular nowadays. As we know, picking a wedding cake is not an easy job. Make a decision to choose a wedding cake is also something is quite difficult, besides the flavor, color and size, cake must also be adapted to the theme of your marriage. However, if […]

Functions Wedding Canopy

Wedding canopy is one of ornament which exists in a wedding party. Every couple who will get married definitely want the perfect wedding in their own life, foods, wedding dress, wedding cakes, entertainment, room’s decor and also wedding’s canopy. This canopy have several functions, there are: Wedding canopyis used to protect from the heat or […]

The Uniqueness of Ethiopian Wedding Dress

Ethiopian wedding is the most popular wedding ceremony in the world. As we know Ethiopia one of the countries that are on the African continent that have a lot of uniqueness such as traditional clothes, culture, traditional dances, traditional ceremony and the wedding ceremony. In addition, Ethiopia also has a culture unique weddings and ceremonies. […]